Open Casting to ProEnglish Theatre performance

news - Open Casting to ProEnglish Theatre performance

For the first time in its history ProEnglish Theatre announces an open casting to its full scale performance — «Cripples of Inishmaan» (based on Martin McDonagh play, directed by Alex Borovenskiy)

Here’s to YOU:
— to become a part of English-speaking theatre
— to perform in English on regular basis
— to take part in International theatre festivals
— to improve your English and grow professionally

Currently we cast 2 male characters in «Cripples of Inishmaan»:

Cripple Billy Claven (main character, crippled orphan, naive but determined, lives with his aunties, dreams of escaping the island and becoming a movie star in Hollywood. Age range: late teen, young adult)

Bartley McCormick (Helen’s younger brother, enthusiastic one, crazy about American stuff, sweeties and telescopes. Age range: late teen, young adult)

Professional and amateur actors with decent English (little or no Russian accent) are welcomed!

Casting will take place in ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Kyiv, 3 Smolenska str.)
Nov 01 (Wed) 4pm-6pm
Nov 02 (Thu) 4pm-6pm
Nov 04 (Sat) 2pm-4pm

Make sure to register by https://goo.gl/forms/UcFoMLDhfMGWsKgu2 — we’ll send you the lines to prepare.
Any questions — feel free to contact Alex (https://www.facebook.com/alejandroid.nikolaevich) or here proenglishtheatre@gmail.com