курс «Сыграй историю» / Hi(story) acting course

news - курс «Сыграй историю» / Hi(story) acting course

Learn acting through the prism of the history of European theater.

What will we do?
We’ll learn some facts about different times, systems and techniques of European theater.
Do exercise which would help us to get in mood and better understand this part of history.
Make the scenes to embody this knowledge.

What is it about?
Go to the theatrical stage of ancient Greece.
Find out why Shakespeare is so perfect and Globe is so famous (spoilers: we won’t tell you whether he really existed, we love conspiracy theories too much :D).
Find out who Artaud is and why he is so cruel.
Who Grotowski is and why he is so poor.
Who Vakhtangov is and why he is a (low key) magician.
Who Chekhov is, why he is not Anton, and where his energy center is (spoilers: hands down, those guys existed for sure!)
And much more, actually!
But if these surnames sound familiar, then let’s open the world in a new way, getting acquainted with their characters’ inner worlds.

The course will be interesting for both beginners, and for those who have already taken acting courses. Both for theater enthusiasts, and for history lovers. Both for those who want to develop the body, and for those who want to develop consciousness.
Basically, for everyone, even if you’re not into acting.

We’ll definitely need some scenes to make our new knowledge work, so bring your favorite scene on a first session. It can be monologue, dialogue or whatever you want.

Course start — December 4. Schedule: Wed, Fri / 7 — 9 pm. Duration: 1 month/ 8 sessions. Price: 1800 uah.

December 4, 7 pm
ProEnglish Drama School (3 Smolenska)
Registration link: https://bit.ly/2M07AKE