Курс Молодого Режисера в ProEnglish Drama School

news - Курс Молодого Режисера в ProEnglish Drama School

Course 1. Exploring the theatre. Directing & acting course

16 lessons
1 dressrehearsal and +1 the trial show
Dates in JUNE: 14, 11, 15, 18, 22, 26, 29
Dates in JULY: 2, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30
Dates in AUGUST: a rehearsal, a dress rehearsal, a show
Schedule: TUE 19:00-22:00, SAT 11:00 – 14:00

GOAL: To put together the short production where all the directing will be made by the participants of the course.

PARTICIPANTS: Can be anyone who has the desire to try themselves in directing. Directing level: beginners.
Also actors who want to practice working in the short production and to experince different types of directing styles. Acting level: ANY.
HOW IT’LL HAPPEN: We’ll get some basic knowledge of directing: text work, collaboration with actors (and other key participants of stage production), music and visual work. We’ll discuss some theoretical basics and we’ll read and watch about the experience of best theatre directors. We’ll explore your directing style and we’ll practice “your language” in the real interaction with actors. Actors will get the chance to practice their acting skills in different acting trainings developed by the directors and working on the production itself.
THE COURSE IS INTENSIVE, so contains a lot of additional homework.
FOR DIRECTORS ONLY: choose the text (short play, short story, monologue, scene from movie, poetry piece, etc.) you want to work with. Consider there is no opporunity to change it after the selection. Send the text to olgita_anabell@yahoo.com.
FOR DIRECTORS AND ACTORS: Provide the payment till JUNE 4.
PRICE: 3200UAH/course or 1800uah/monthly
(note: ProEnglish Oldies CAN attend this course with oldies payment!)

The introduction to the directing world. Text presentation
Meeting the actors. Imitation of casting process
Srtucture of dramatic writing. Text work with actors
Rehearsal techniques (actors & text)
Text interpretation.
Theatre history project
Developing an approach.
Rehersal and its results.
Music and directing.
Visual elements and directing.
Rehearsal techniques (staging)
Rehearsal and its results.
Text modulations
Theatre history project
Working with the movement and lights
Production plannig
Dress rehearsal

Director’s course is conducted by Anabell Ramirez, an actress, acting coach and director at ProEnglish Drama School. She staged «Philadelphia», «Тиша.Гамір.Метелик», «Gone with the Secs».
Guest speakers from ProEnglish Theatre (Alex Borovenskiy, Tanya Shelepko, Valerie Zubchenko) and guest speakers from different theatres will add their knowledge and expertise to the course.

Register and start directing! http://tiny.cc/3fd07y