«I don’t need love, I need…» (Rehearsals)

news - «I don’t need love, I need…» (Rehearsals)

Specially for St. Valentine’s Day!
The performance «I don’t need love, I need …»
is gonna be on February 17 at ProEnglish Theatre.

Do you have anything to say on this issue?
We invite experienced English-speaking actors to participate in the show.
It will be a set of short monologues united by one concept
Attention: the number of participants is limited.

Brief set of rules:
1. You take any English-language material suitable for a monologue.
2. The monologue should be a continuation of the phrase: «I do not need love, I need …» (well-formed theme in one word)
3. monologue no more than 10 minutes
4. NO props. only actors and a scene (of course light and music)
5. Basically you work on a monologue individually. common rehearsals every Sunday at ProEnglish Theatre
6. one week before the show — dress rehearsal

If you want to participate, send your theme, text of monologue and a short video to the organizer Nastya Vesnyanka (https://www.facebook.com/nastya.vesnyanka) until 19 January.
First rehearsal January 21