Вистава англійською Gone with The Secs

news - Вистава англійською Gone with The Secs

ЙйGone with The Secs
ProEnglish Drama School performance
by group 22
Apr 20 (Sat) 7pm

Based on short stories by Philip K. Dick
Music by Mothra
Directed by Anabell Sotelo Ramirez

Ed: Alexey Pavlenko
Ruth: Nastya Kuzmenko
Douglas: Alexey Karchevskiy
Susan: Polina Polyakova
Lara: Ira Chumakova
Ruby: Ann Varenyk
Doris: Людмила Колесник (Mila Kolesnyk)
Cockoo: Stanislava Ovchinnikova

Once there was nothing. Then the World came, and the Time, and the Man, and the Love. And we don’t care about how and why. The most important thing is what are we doing with this.
This is what this play is about. And there is no one, except Philip Dick, whose short stories we have taken as a base, who could better convey the sense of precariousness of this reality. We are sure that you also feel it: how time runs faster than you can realize it; how the decisions you make are not really yours; how your life is not the one you have chosen.
And there is no solution. There is only a story that we are going to tell you.

Gone with The Secs
Apr 20 (Sat) 7pm
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Smoleska 3)

Free entrance!
We want everybody to see theatre in English!
Registration — https://goo.gl/forms/0FKaSoEkMz3AODK

P.S. “Gone with The Secs ” is performed in English.
P.P.S. There is no entrance after the show has started. Please, don’t be late. Thank you for understanding.