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On camera workshop with Katerina Vlasenko

Most actors, whether they realize it or not, are trained for the stage. All of the famous acting methods and techniques were designed for the stage, not the camera. For example, most methods presume a long rehearsal time that gives the actor a chance to explore the text and the character deeply with the help of a supportive director.
This, of course, falls completely apart if you’re working in TV/film, where there is sometimes no rehearsal at all.

The goal of the workshop is to experience a film from audition, rehearsing, all the way to fully filmed scenes on set. Almost every audition you go on will be recorded on-camera. This is the best way to become comfortable with the audition process and become aware of any technical issues. You will explore the physical adjustments necessary for the camera, how to control facial expressions, how to transition from stage to film and how to get used to the frame.

During the workshop we will record while you perform, so all actors will get high quality footage, that you can use as an acting showreel!

Class structure:

1st day (Feb 15)
— Introduction with Hollywood audition technique
— How to hit the mark
— Technical aspects of acting on camera
— 3 points of eyeline working on camera
— Cold reading technique
— Auditioning in front of the camera, see what you can bring to a character

2nd day (Feb 16):
— Warming up with Laban movement technique
— Breakdown the scenes together
— Rehearsing the scenes, blocking
— Filming a master-shot
— Filming close-ups

Acting on Camera Workshop (in English)
Feb 16 (Sat), 2pm-6pm
Feb 17 (Sun), 1pm-5pm
ProEnglish Theatre Hub, 3 Smolenska

Early bird price: 1800 UAH (1200UAH for ProEnglisherrs)

Any questions: 098 709 36 68