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On camera workshop with Katerina Vlasenko an actress who studied acting in Los Angeles Conservatory of Performing Arts.

Why do you need it?
Most actors, whether they realize it or not, are trained for the stage. All of the famous acting methods and techniques were designed for the stage, not the camera.
For example, most methods presume a long rehearsal time that gives the actor a chance to explore the text and the character deeply with the help of a supportive director.
This, of course, falls completely apart if you’re working in TV/film, where there is sometimes no rehearsal at all….

Apr 10 (Wed) 19:00-22:00
Acting for Camera Workshop with Katerina Vlasenko
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Kyiv, 3 Smolenska, Shuliavska area)
Admission 500 UAH. (current ProEnglisherrs — 30% discount)

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This workshop is a part of much bigger course «8×8» which works on 8 different skills necessary for an actor and a public speaker.
To learn more about «8×8» course go by the link http://proenglishtheatre.com/news/8×8-course1
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