Accent Reduction Workshop

news - Accent Reduction Workshop

This season in ProEnglish Drama School we start Accent Reduction course.
We will work on English pronunciation and pronunciation only! We will work on making you sound closer to native speakers and eliminating Slavic accent. You will sound better. Much better.

The course is a series of individual classes where we focus on your particular issues. For actors and non-actors.

Accent reduction course is conducted by Valerie. An actress at ProEnglish Theatre, acting coach and vocal teacher at ProEnglish Drama School. She has brilliant American accent, by the way.))

This Sat we’ll hold an open workshop where you could try accent reduction exercises for yourself, work with typical difficult sounds in English and get individual recommedations from Valerie. The best participants will be able to sign up for individual Accent Reduction course.

Feb 02 (Sat) 2pm-4pm
Accent Reduction Workshop
ProEnglish Drama School
Kyiv, 3 Smolenska (Shuliavska area)

Tickets https://kiev.karabas.com/accent-reduction

Let us sound English better!