Акторський курс 8х8. Англійською мовою

news - Акторський курс 8х8. Англійською мовою

«8×8» course at ProEnglish Drama School.
Only 1 month. 8 sessions. 8 coaches. 8 skills for your life and acting. In English.

Audition and casting, American accent, Presentation skills, Acting on Camera, Improv, Stage Combat, Text Analysis, Acting in Musical and much more (check full programme below)

Start — Mar 20
End — Apr 12

Schedule: Wed + Fri 19:00-22:00
Location: ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Kyiv, 3 Smolenska str., Shuliavska area)
Price: 2400UAH per course. Certificate in the end.

1) Mar 20 (Wed)
Inna Bagoli. Castings
2) Mar 22 (Fri)
Ivan Voloshyn. Text analysis.
3) Mar 27 (Wed)
Dima Pustovit. Public presentations
4) Mar 29 (Fri)
Paul Christopher. Stage Combat
5) Apr 03 (Wed)
Serzh Velychanskyi. Improv
6) Apr 05 (Fri)
Anna Lopatonok. Acting in Musical
7) Apr 10 (Wed)
Katerina Vlasenko. Acting for Camera
8) Apr 12 (Fri)
Valerie Zubchenko. American Accent

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