Drama School

Money Policy of ProEnglish Theatre

drama school - Money Policy of ProEnglish Theatre

1800 UAH per study month (8 sessions)
Card Number 5168 7453 2099 9417 (Privatbank) issued to Oleksandr Borovenskyi

If you skip one or couple sessions: 
(for whatever reasons) you can make it up in other groups of the same level at ProEnglish Theatre, get a free entrance to the workshop or to the performance. It is done via PET admin Polina Poliakova. No money compensation, moving the money to next month or so is stipulated

If you skip 4 or more sessions in a row:
(which usually happens if you have vacations or something of a kind) and provided you let us know in advance in written (either your acting coach or PET admin Polina Poliakova) the deposit money you’ve already paid is «frozen» and stay on your deposit account. They’ll be charged once you get back

Money is paid at the beginning of a new study month (which is 8 sessions in a row). No later than the 2nd session of a study month. Cash or card. Usually at the end of a previous study month PET admin Polina Poliakova send a text message with a reminder about a new payment to come.

All previous payments and attendance is marked in PET journal which is filled by an admin coach and PET administrator and available to check upon request